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We provide more than 240 services to people in our local communities as well as being the UK's leading provider of national and specialist services.

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  1. Reablement Service (Southwark)

    The Reablement Service- Southwark offers a skills development programme to support adult Southwark residents who are attending the adult community mental health teams and the Maudsley Inpatient Units, where health may restrict or inhibit daily living.

    We offer skills development in the following Adult Social Care domains: Meal Preparation; Personal Hygiene; Managing Toileting Needs; Being Appropriately Clothed; Being Able to Make Use of your Home Safely; Maintaining a Habitable Home (including housework, laundry, shopping, correspondence and administering finances); Developing or Maintaining Family or Other Personal Relationships; Accessing and Engaging in Work, Training or Volunteering; Making Use of Necessary Facilities in the Local Community, including Public Transport and Recreational Facilities or Services; and Carrying Out any Caring Responsibilities for a Child/ Other Dependant.

    Referrals: Via Community Mental Health Teams and Maudsley Inpatient Units when eligibility to Adult Social Care has been assessed, and where those teams are not providing the Adult Social Care Support.

    Address: The North West CMHT
    27-29 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, SE5 0EZ

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  2. Recovery and Rehabilitation Service (Croydon)

    Our service provides intensive community-based rehabilitation, care and support for people, aged 18-65, or aged over 65 if they have been treated by the Croydon Mental Health Service. R&R is for people with severe and long-term mental illness who live in the London Borough of Croydon in a 24 hour funded placement such as Supported Housing, Supported Living, Residential Care Home or Nursing Home.

    Our team includes people from a range of health and social care professions. We help people to maintain their health and their move towards greater independence in their communities.

    Address: Queens Resource Centre
    66a Queens Road, Croydon, CR0 2PR

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  3. Rehabilitation Service (Lewisham)

    The Complex Rehabilitation Service provides 24-hour, rehabilitation, nursing care and accommodation, for up to 34 adults with long-term mental illness and challenging behaviour. We provide care for people who live in the London Borough of Lewisham.

    Our accommodation ranges from shared accommodation for people who require a high level of staff support, to self-contained flats for people who can live in the community relatively independently.

    We aim to support people's recovery and their move towards greater independence in the community.

    Our team includes health and social care staff from a range of professions.

    Address: 3-5 Heather Close
    Hither Green, London, SE13 6UG

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  4. Richmond Community Drug and Alcohol Service (RCDAS)

    Richmond Community Drug and Alcohol Service (RCDAS) is a community drug and alcohol service for anyone over the age of 18 living in the London Borough of Richmond. The team comprises a core service in Twickenham, satellite services across the borough, and is supported by specialist psychology, criminal justice, outreach, ETE and housing staff, as well as a day programme for Richmond and Wandsworth residents. We offer addictions related prescribing alongside psycho-social interventions and access to a range of groups. Psychology and counselling services are available to those accessing all pathways. Recovery and peer mentoring services are also available to all service users, as well as volunteering opportunities.

    Our core site in Twickenham also offers needle exchange, blood testing, hep B vaccinations, medical and nurse assessments, smoking cessation, legal advice, Hep C treatment plus access to detox, day programme and residential rehab options. Our Recovery Hub in Wandsworth (accessible to RCDAS service users, key workers can refer) offers employability programmes, access to courses, skills training, social events, activities such as yoga, music and art- available at any point in a person's treatment journey.

    The service is a Consortium with our Trust being the clinical lead in partnership with We Are With You, St Mungo's and CDARS. Staff are therefore employed from medical, psychology, nursing, recovery worker, outreach and ETE backgrounds and volunteers support across the pathways. The service works closely with local hospitals and GPs, Richmond Council services, other local partner agencies and service user representatives. The over-arching aim of the service is to support service users in reducing or stopping their substance use and associated harm, and working towards sustainable and meaningful recovery in the community.

    Address: Unit 2
    Ilex House
    94 Holly Road, Twickenham, TW1 4HF

  5. Rosa Parks Ward

    We offer services for men, with acute mental health problems. Acute illnesses start quickly and have distressing symptoms. We provide inpatient psychiatric assessment, treatment and care to help reduce the risk of harm to self and others. We bring together different professionals, including psychiatrists, nurses and social carers who work with the patient and their carers. We help people to maintain their health and move on to live more independently in their communities.

    Address: Orchard House
    Lambeth Hospital
    108 Landor Road, London, , SW9 9NT

  6. Ruskin Ward

    Ruskin Ward is a ward for women, aged 16-65, who have severe mental illness. We provide care for women who live in the London Borough of Southwark.

    At Ruskin we offer psychiatric assessment, care and treatment in hospital, which reduces the risk to self and others.

    Address: Ruskin Ward,  Maudsley Hospital,  Denmark Hill, London, , SE5 8AZ

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

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