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Dr Nick Medford

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Dr Nick Medford is currently the lead consultant for the Lishman Unit, a national specialist neuropsychiatry inpatient unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, London, UK. The unit accepts patients with a range of complex and severe neuropsychiatric disorders, such as acquired brain injury, functional neurological disorders, and psychiatric complications of neurological conditions. He has previously been a Wellcome Trust funded research fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, and a visiting fellow at Yale University, USA. After this he was Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK, where he was head of psychiatry teaching and the clinical lead for a regional neuropsychiatry service, before moving to his current post in 2016. He has around 40 peer-reviewed publications on neuropsychiatric topics, and is the Vice-Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculty of Neuropsychiatry. 

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