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Apprenticeships are fully-funded national work-based training programmes.

They combine work with study and may include an academic qualification.

Apprenticeships enable individuals to gain job-specific skills, knowledge, and behaviour to enhance expertise in their role and are available to all staff who are directly employed by the Trust as well as individuals who wish to join our Trust as an Apprentice. By completing an apprenticeship you will gain industry-specific knowledge and skills that apply directly to your role. 

When you participate in an apprenticeship, you dedicate six hours per week to off-the-job training. This dedicated time is focused on enhancing your knowledge, skills, and behaviours to meet the apprenticeship standards.

Apprenticeships are advertised externally. They available include:

  • Business and Admin

  • HR

  • Pharmacy

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Psychological well being practitioner 

  • Clinical Associate in Psychology

Our Apprenticeship programmes are advertised through our South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation job vacancy page.

The Trust recruits apprentices at different times of year, and the terms of payment and conditions may vary.

Apprenticeships can also serve as a pathway to upskilling you in your current role and we have many apprentices who work in this way.

If you are interested in joining the Trust but not on the Apprentice pathway to upskilling, there are many other opportunities to train and specialise at South London and Maudsley including our world class mental health training.

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