Child Wellbeing Practitioner teams (CWP)

Child Wellbeing Practitioner teams (CWP)

Child Wellbeing Practitioner teams

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purple image collage of icons About the Child Wellbeing Practitioners programme

The Child Wellbeing Practitioner teams are here to help parents and carers of children and young people showing early signs of mental health difficulties.

We aim to support those on a journey to improve their mental health.

Our aims

  • Provide a service to children, young people, parents and carers with close links to the local community.
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention.
  • Increase accessibility and see children and young people who might not meet the threshold for current CAMHS provision.

What we do

Child and Young People’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs) work with young people and parents/carers using guided self-help over the course of six to eight weeks.

Guided self-help strategies are informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles. CBT focuses on the problem at hand and accompanying emotions and responses. This approach aims to help parents and carers of children or young people to identify and understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviour cycles to help them learn ways to break out of unhelpful thinking patterns.

This means we work with the young person or parents and carers to support them in achieving their goals. It requires a commitment from both parties in order for the intervention to have positive impact.

Guided self-help involves working through self-help materials with a practitioner and completing worksheets in between sessions to help young people, parents and carers understand and manage these difficulties by:

  • Making sense of current difficulties through what we know about low mood, anxiety or behaviour.
  • Identifying what parents and carers want to change by setting goals.
  • Introducing new ideas and strategies.
  • Low mood: sadness, low motivation
  • Mild to moderate anxiety: worries, irrational fears and concerns
  • Behaviours that challenge
  • Family and peer relationship difficulties
  • Difficulty adjusting to change and transition
  • Difficulty regulating emotions
  • School absences or at risk of exclusion

green background with cartoon icons Who we see

We offer help and advice to the parents or carers of children aged 5-11 to help them manage their child’s anxiety or behavioural issues:

Where the child is experiencing worries or fears which are getting in the way of activities, family life, relationships or school.

Where the parent or carer would like help learning how to respond to behaviour they may find difficult to manage, such as temper tantrums or difficulties following the rules and instructions.

We will see young people aged 12 to 18 years old for an anxiety or low mood intervention where the young person is:

Experiencing worries or fears that interfere with their daily lives, avoid activities and social contact.

Experiencing low mood and may be feeling unmotivated with a loss of interest in daily activities.


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Information for parents and carers about how our referal process works.

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