About Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

We are committed to building a culture of continuous learning and improvement; a culture where patients, staff, carers and families, and the communities we serve are empowered to be part of the solution. Where people feel safe and able to share ideas and challenge the status quo. Improvement is everyone’s job and part of our everyday work.  

The strategic direction for the Quality Centre aligns with the Trust’s overarching Aiming High; Changing Lives, and its five strategic ambitions.

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How will we do this? 

To achieve our goals, we are changing the way improvement works in the Trust.  At the heart of our approach is one of collaboration and involvement. The Quality improvement programme focuses on empowering people; giving staff, patients, families and carers the tools, skills and knowledge to make the improvements that matter most. 

With fewer resources and more pressure, we need to be more focused and targeted in our improvement efforts. This isn’t about working harder or doing more. To achieve our goals, we are focusing on: 

  • Aligning our work so that we are all pulling in the same direction and contributing towards the needs of the Trust. 
  • Involving people in decisions and changes that will lead to improvements. We believe that those receiving and delivering care are best placed to identify areas for improvement and ideas to improve  
  • Systems thinking - with the environments we work in being complex, looking at the whole picture is vital to making improvements sustainable
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