What does quality mean to our Trust?

‘Quality’ is one of the Trust’s five aims and central to our ethos - in research, clinical practice and support services. We want to become an organisation in which quality improvement is what we are about and at the heart of everything we do.

The work undertaken by our Quality Improvement team and our research partners feed into our Quality Centre.

About Us

About Us

The Trust’s Quality Centre is a collaboration between the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) at Kings College London (KCL) and Kings Health Partners (KHP). Our aim is to drive quality, innovation and value-based commissioning in mental health care, with a strong focus on partnership working, to optimise health outcomes for the populations we serve whilst bringing together our learning for wider benefit.

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Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement is a model that we have adopted as our framework. It encourages people to make small tests of change, use data to inform improvements and measure variation over time.

We make consistent use of a variety of straight-forward tools and techniques to enable people to structure their improvement work and have the courage to test ideas and innovations.

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Our Care Process Models

Co-designed with service users, carers and staff, our Care Process Models have been introduced across our Trust to ensure that people who access our services experience the best care no matter which borough they live in, or which service they are under.

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“Care Process Models can help improve services from the very first contact that people have with the Trust, ensuring consistency, quality and improved outcomes for some of the most vulnerable people in society.” 

- Service User

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