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Translated leaflets

To translate individual pages on this website, click the Accessibility button at the top of this page, select "Translate" and follow the prompts. 

Most of our documents can be translated using Google translate. 

Our crisis resources

Crisis brief Albanian (PDF)

Crisis brief Arabic (PDF)

Crisis brief Farsi (PDF)

Crisis brief French (PDF)

Crisis brief Polish (PDF)

Crisis brief Portugese (PDF)

Crisis brief Somali (PDF)

Crisis brief Spanish (PDF)

Crisis brief Tamil (PDF)

Crisis brief Turkish (PDF)

Our complaints resources

Complaints leaflet Albanian (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Arabic (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Farsi (PDF)

Complaints leaflet French (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Polish (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Portugese (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Somali (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Spanish (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Tamil (PDF)

Complaints leaflet Turkish (PDF)

Other translated resources

Choice and Medication translated leaflets

NHS website health information in other languages

Interpreting services

We can organise phone, video and face-to-face interpreters. Please speak to a member of staff to find out more.  

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