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Support for people affected by terror attacks

Terror attacks can be traumatic for all those involved, either directly or indirectly, and can have a lasting psychological impact.

Although people can respond to trauma differently, common reactions include:

  • feelings of fear, anger, shame and guilt
  • unwanted distressing thoughts or memories of the incident
  • nightmares or difficulty sleeping
  • loss of interest in previously enjoyed hobbies and activities

These are normal reactions to a traumatic event and typically improve in the days and weeks following the incident. However, for some people, they can last longer and have an impact on your day to day life and wellbeing.

Survivors of Terrorism Support Service

Our Survivors of Terrorism Support Service is for adults who have been affected by terror attacks and are UK citizens currently resident in the UK. This includes those who:

  • witnessed the attack or heard about the attack from a loved one
  • were injured, or had a family member/close friend injured
  • lost a family member/close friend
  • were first responders

To request support from the Survivors of Terrorism Support Service, please fill out one of the questionnaires below. To be able to assist you, we need you to complete the form fully including providing up to date contact details.

Self-refer to this service

Referral link for professionals

After you have completed the questionnaire, we will contact you to discuss support options. This may include a clinical assessment by video call or telephone. In some cases, we may offer face to face appointments.

Additional advice and support

Victims of crime, including terror attacks, can contact the Victim Support Helpline 08 08 16 89 111.

Anyone struggling with their mental health who is not directly affected by terror attacks can contact their GP, call NHS 111, or self-refer to their local NHS talking psychological therapies service.

If you are struggling to keep yourself or others safe please visit our support in a crisis page.

Survivors of terror attacks may find it useful to look at the Coping with Trauma workbook at www.good-thinking.uk or to see our leaflets on coping with trauma below.  

Leaflets on coping with trauma

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