Lambeth has one of the highest rates of serious mental health conditions in England. To meet the challenges now and in the future, we are working towards delivering care and treatment to working age adults through an alliance contract vehicle underpinned by a biopsycho-social model.

The Alliance is a collaboration between five organisations: Certitude and Thames Reach (voluntary sector); NHS SEL Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – transferring from previous NHS Lambeth CCG; South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and Lambeth Council.

We provide a complete and comprehensive range of adult mental health services from inpatient to community care across the borough. This includes: A&E liaison services for both older adults and adults of working age; Early intervention (EI) psychosis services including outreach and support (OASIS); psychological therapies services including the integrated psychological therapies team (IPTT), Lambeth talking therapies (IAPT), and the provision of psychology in homeless hostels (PiH). We run three Living Well Centres with each having two teams (one for short-term support and one for focused support).

Our services also include five acute inpatient wards, an intensive psychiatric care unit (PICU) as well as a home treatment team (HTT) and an alliance rehabilitation team (ART).

Lambeth currently hosts the early intervention and outreach and support services across the four boroughs as well as the Croydon borough IAPT service.

The specialist services we host include the national specialist inpatient service for people with treatment-resistant psychosis (Tony Hillis Unit) and the National Self Harm Outpatient Service (SHOPS), Lambeth Early Intervention inpatient unit and the community medication titration service, TREAT.

As part of our Alliance agreement we are transforming mental health services for working age adults in Lambeth to improve mental health outcomes over the next seven to 10 years.

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