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Beth is a free and secure way for our patients and carers to stay connected with their care team.

If you are a patient or service user, you can use Beth on your mobile phone or computer to:

  • Record personal goals and coping strategies - to help your care team understand your priorities and what works for you.
  • View your care plan – your health record care plan.
  • View appointments – and link to video calls.
  • Track your progress – track your mood, problems and sleep and fill out assessments for your care team to review.
  • Message your care team – secure communication between you and your care team
  • Access a secure diary – a private place for you to reflect on your health. You care team will not see this unless you choose to show them.

You can also get inspiration and ideas from patient stories and our well-being tips.

If you are a close family member, friend or carerfor for someone who uses one of our services you can't see their Beth record, but you can set up your own Beth account and use it to message their care team.

Visit our carer information page to find out more about the support we can offer you.

Information for carers

How to register for Beth

You can register for a Beth account on our dedicated website

You will need your NHS number and date of birth to link Beth to your health record (als know as ePJS).

If you don't know your NHS number ask your care team, they will be able to tell you.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us via

Visit Beth

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