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Our Southwark Directorate provides core mental health services for adults of a working age who live in Southwark, alongside the Trust’s specialist services.

Adult mental health services in Southwark include community mental health teams, some carrying out assessments and some providing ongoing treatment. Southwark also has complex case management teams for people in supported housing, residential and nursing homes.

Psychological therapies for common conditions such as anxiety and depression are provided by Southwark Talking Therapies (IAPT) and therapy for more serious mental health issues are provided by our integrated psychology and psychotherapy service along with our three-borough personality disorder service.

Our directorate includes four acute wards, two male and two female, as well as access to male and female psychiatric intensive care services. Southwark also has a number of crisis services including a home treatment team and a hospital liaison service at King’s College Hospital.

We also host the four-bedded Health Based Place of Safety and the Trust’s Acute Referral Centre (ARC), providing clinical triaging for people needing to be admitted to hospital. The ARC also runs a 24/7 crisis line and the Crisis Assessment team who are able to attend to anyone in the community to carry out a face-to-face assessment with the police or ambulance service.

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