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SUITE support, coach and train service users, carers and family members so that they can be meaningfully involved in helping us to get our care right and improve services.

SUITE colleagues work co-productively with tutors at the education and development team delivering training on many topics to our staff.

They  express how it feels to be on the 'other side' of services, as a service user, carer, friend or family member. In this way we can open minds to recognise the different experiences of care and  its  impact on  the service user,  their  friends and family. It also demonstrates stages on the journey to recovery.

To be involved in SUITE you will need to be a member of the Involvement Register.

Find out more

For more information or to come along and observe us delivering training please contact Angela Mitchell, SUITE Manager via or on  07585 780379.

During the pandemic, it has been good to be part of SUITE, as I know that on a Wednesday afternoon, I can always link virtually with my colleagues and have a good chat about how things are going generally.

Mary, SUITE Colleague

SUITE is a great opportunity for service users to contribute the the Trusts training and development. No stigma, no stress, no problem. Great involvement for hte wide range of people so get in touch. 

Katherine, SUITE Colleague

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