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Clinical Associate Psychologists

What are Clinical Associate Psychologists?

Clinical Associate Psychologists are new roles which have been developed in the NHS to provide greater access to psychologically informed mental health services. Clinical Associate Psychologist fill an identified skills gap between assistant psychologist and qualified clinical psychologists. They are able to practice autonomously with appropriate support, working within their scope of practice, under the supervision of a registered clinical psychologist.

What does a Clinical Associate Psychologist do?

A Clinical Associate Psychologist is a specialist mental health professional whose duties include assessing, formulating, and treating clients within specified ranges of conditions and age, either in primary care/adult mental health settings or in a range of areas involving children, young people, and their families. Clinical Associate Psychologists also work closely with local communities to ensure services are accessible and equitable.

As part of your role you will complete an MSc in either: Psychological Therapies in Primary Care or Applied Psychology for Children and Young People. The standard MSc programme usually takes around one year to complete, and will incorporate a mix of theoretical, research-based, and practical/applied study.

Who can apply?

Applicants first need a BPS-accredited undergraduate degree (or conversion course) in Psychology.
Applicants will need a at least six months of clinical experience (this can be in the NHS or in the voluntary sector).

We particularly welcome applicants from underrepresented groups within psychological professions.

When will Clinical Associate Psychologist jobs be advertised?

Post will be advertised in the coming weeks and months. Please keep a look out for them via the NHS jobs website. We recommend setting up an alert so you do not miss them.

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