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Aiming High; Changing Lives

Our strategy has been built on the feedback of hundreds of staff, service users, carers and partners with the support of many community organisations.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has created an altered landscape for mental health. We have built on the strong foundations of our previous strategy, Changing Lives, to go further and faster in those areas which are fundamental to the delivery of outstanding care and treatment for everyone who uses our services.

This strategy resets our focus on five key ambitions where together with our staff, service users, carers, communities and partners, we believe we can have the greatest impact on improving people’s lives.

Our Five Strategic Ambitions

Our ambitions under this strategy reflect the complex and dynamic environment that we work in. They build on our Changing Lives strategy to go further in the areas that are vital to delivering outstanding care. By 2026 we will do the following:

  • Deliver outstanding mental health care
  • Be a partner in prevention
  • Be a catalyst for change 
  • Build a culture of trust together 
  • Become effective and sustainable

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Strategy in Action Event, Tuesday 6 June 2023

Following over 1,700 interactions with staff, service users, carers, partners, families and community organisations - we launched our new strategy ‘Aiming High; Changing Lives, 2021-2026’. 

We made a commitment to hold regular events every six months, led by our Chair and Chief Executive, to continue talking and acting on how we are making progress to achieve our five Strategic Ambitions:

  • Building a culture of trust together 
  • Outstanding mental health care
  • A catalyst for change 
  • Partner in prevention 
  • Towards an effective and sustainable organisation

June 2023 - Strategy Booklet

For more information, see our press release. 

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