Frequently Asked Questions 

The Modernisation Programme

We understand that these are big changes, for that reason, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

These questions are based on the constant engagement we've had with internally with our staff, service users and carers and externally with our partners, members of the public, nearby residents and members of the local councils.

Please select from the list below; 

Team and Service Moves

As well as wards and teams moving into these new buildings, this programme also necessitates, a series of other moves around our estate. In all around 1,000 members of staff will be moving to a new team base.

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Service Users, Carers and Staff

Service User, Carers and Staff 

This section has been drafted to address those questions that have been raised during engagement with our staff, service users and carers throughout the developments on Lambeth and Southwark sites.

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Lambeth Hospital FAQs

Lambeth Hospital

The redevelopment of Lambeth Hospital is an important step in our vision to transform our inpatient facilities and create buildings fit to deliver world class mental health care in the 21st century - modernised, high quality, inpatient and community facilities.

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Maudsley Hospital Campus FAQS

Maudsley Hospital Campus

Many of our buildings are in need of refurbishment. Our new facilities will provide better, purpose-designed facilities for patients’ care and recovery, and for our staff.

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Cedar House Nursery

The Cedar House Nursery

Based in Mapother House will remain open until summer 2023 after which it will close to allow for the once in a lifetime £120m re-development of our Maudsley Hospital campus. We will be building a brand-new nursery as part of the new development.

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