Modernisation Programme FAQs: Cedar House Nursery

Last updated: 08/02/2023

We had previously communicated that the Cedar House Nursery would be closing in September 2023 and would be replaced by Croft Nursery Services. Following feedback from parents, staff and colleagues, we have now taken the decision to keep Cedar House Nursery as a Trust run nursery.  

The Cedar House Nursery will remain in Mapother House until December 2023 after which we will be looking for an interim home to allow for the once in a lifetime £120m re-development of our Maudsley Hospital campus. We will be building a brand-new nursery as part of the new development. 
Mapother House, Michael Rutter Centre and the Professorial Building are being replaced by the Pears Maudsley Centre, a brand-new health care and research facility. The centre is currently under construction and is due to open in September 2023.  As part of these plans, the Trust intends to redevelop the old buildings into a nursery with a dedicated outdoor space and 187 new homes along De Crespigny Park. 


Section 1: Key Questions

1. What is the current plan for Cedar House Nursery, and how is it different from the previous plan? 

Cedar House Nursery is currently run by the Trust and situated within Mapother House which will be redeveloped as part of the Trusts modernisation programme. Therefore, once work starts to redevelop this building, we will need to find a new site for the nursery. We had planned to work with Croft Nursery Services to deliver a private nursery which was not run by the Trust, but would be on the Maudsley Campus, to replace Cedar House.  

Following this decision, we have reviewed all the feedback we received from parents, staff and other stakeholders, and now decided to instead retain this service under the Trust. This will allow us to continue giving parents the best nursery care we can, whilst also keeping our vital nursery staff who have built great relationships in the community over many years.    

Cedar House Nursery will now remain in Mapother House until December 2023, and we will be working between now and then to find a suitable alternative location once Mapother House closes.  


2. Why have you changed your plans for the nursery? 

We listened to parents, staff and other key groups raising concerns about the nursery being changed or taken away and decided that we should instead retain the nursery under the Trust.  

We understand how important the nursery services are and are committed to delivering them ourselves. We’d like to thank everyone who gave us their comments and feedback on plans so far.  


3. What does this mean for me and my family? 

The nursery will stay in Mapother House until December 2023, after which it will move. We currently have not identified where the nursery will move to, however we are exploring several options and are confident that a new convenient location will be identified.  

If you are a parent and would like to join the monthly working group, please email   


4. Will there be an interim nursery whilst the building work takes place at Mapother House?  

We are currently exploring options for an interim nursery space, either on the Maudsley campus or elsewhere in the local area. We will keep parents updated with progress on where this may be.  


5. Will nursery costs remain subsidised in your new nursery provision?  

We do not yet have the details of what this will look like, however we will work with the steering group and with senior leadership team at the Trust to find the right financial model for the nursery.   


6. What will happen to the current nursery staff?  

All current nursery staff will retain their jobs, and we are currently seeking to hire more members of staff.   


7. As the nursery will now be open beyond September 2023, how would I get my child a place?  

If you are interested in applying for a nursery place, please email to find out more. Please note that the nursery is already oversubscribed so we may not be able to accommodate every application for a place. 


8. How have you committed to keeping parents involved and informed?  

We have agreed to hold monthly meetings with the parents to keep them informed about working plans and ideas, as well as providing email updates every two weeks in between the monthly meetings.   

The working group will include representatives from Staffside, our Estates team, Womens Network, and parents.    

Section 2: Contact us

  1. How can I get in contact? 

You can share your feedback on the plans by emailing;  
Sue Smith - Chief People Officer


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