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Right Care Programme

On Thursday 30 September 2021, the Trust launched its new five-year strategy: Aiming High, Changing Lives. The strategy sets out five strategic ambitions for the organisation:

  • Delivering outstanding care 
  • A partner in prevention 
  • Being a catalyst for change 
  • Building a culture of trust together 
  • Becoming effective and sustainable  

There are a number of work streams that come together to ensure that continuous improvement is embedded in the everyday work of the Trust. The Right Care Programme is one of those. 

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What is Right Care?

The Right Care programme is key to achieving the Trust’s vision of delivering outstanding care.

The Trust has been working to improve crisis, inpatient and community services across the four boroughs we serve to ensure that people who use our services receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time and in the most appropriate setting. 


ensuring more people receive the treatment they need in their own homes and communities. It's about seeing people earlier so they have better outcomes and therefore fewer people going in to crisis.


Ensuring people stay in our inpatient beds for the right amount of time, and are supported to go home as early as is safely possible and with the right support in place. It is about reducing our overall bed occupancy to enable those people who need inpatient services to get a bed at the earliest opportunity, reducing unplanned readmissions and reducing inappropriate out of area beds.


Ensuring our services meet the needs of people who experience crisis, giving them a range of options to support them so they don't feel the need to attend Emergency Departments (EDs). Where people do attend EDs, it is about ensuring their experience is good and that they receive onward treatment as quickly as possible, in the most appropriate setting. It is also about ensuring those people that are acutely unwell in the community are assessed urgently as to whether they need an inpatient stay. 

Aligning the transformation of these three pathways with the Trust’s strategic priorities will improve patient experience by ensuring delivery of care in the most appropriate setting and in a timely fashion, optimising resources and driving quality improvements. It will support the Trust’s strategic ambition to provide outstanding care for all that is timely, supports recovery and is meaningful, based upon a genuine partnership with the people we serve and their loved ones. 

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