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Dr Hannah Baker

Job title Clinical Psychologist


Hannah Baker is a Clinical Psychologist at the National and Specialist OCD, BDD and Related Disorder Clinic at the Maudsley Hospital. She specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for OCD with children and adolescents. Hannah has a special interest in working with parents and has a background of using family-based approaches for young people with eating disorders and long term physical health conditions. Alongside clinical work, Hannah is a team Diversity Representative and is involved in the National and Specialist CAMHS Equality & Diversity Group, contributing to projects aimed at improving access and reducing inequalities for families accessing N&S CAMHS services.


Area of Expertise, Specialism or Research Interests

Areas of interests include the overlap between OCD, eating disorders and autism spectrum disorder as well as systemic approaches to family work in the treatment of these conditions.


Education and Training

  • BSc in Psychology, University of Birmingham
  • Msci in Psychology and Psychological Practice, University of Birmingham
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University College London



Baker, H. (2020) Why do autistic women develop restrictive eating disorders? Exploring social risk factors. Doctoral Thesis, University College London.

Flannery, H; Portnoy, S; Baker, H; Hitchcock, M; McParland, J. (2022) Morning Connections: How do you support hospital staff working remotely during a global pandemic without providing ‘staff support’?. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry. In publication.

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