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Fergus Kane

Job title Principal Clinical Psychologist

Dr Fergus Kane is a clinical psychologist working for the PICuP outpatient psychosis service at the Maudsley hospital.  He also works at University College London, as first year lead for the Post Graduate Diploma in Severe Mental Health Problems.

Dr Kane completed his MSc in neuroscience (2004), PhD in neuroimaging (2008) and doctorate in clinical psychology (2012) at the Institute of Psychiatry (now IoPPN), King’s College London.  Dr Kane’s PhD focused on cognition and brain function in people with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and he maintains a keen interest in this area.

Clinically, Dr Kane has worked in three different countries (UK, Ireland and Ecuador).  In Ecuador, between 2014 and 2019, Dr Kane worked as a lecturer at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), and as a private therapist.  He recently returned to the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust.  Dr Kane's specialist clinical interests include working with people with experience of psychosis and with bipolar disorder and working with the consequences of psychological trauma.  While in Ecuador, in response to 2016's devastating earthquake, he provided trauma training to local psychologists, and taught USFQ's first course in trauma focussed CBT. 

Dr Kane is PICuP's digital lead.  He is interested in how technology can be harnessed to improve the utility and efficiency of healthcare, therapy and training.  He recently joined together with other psychologists, academics and health technologists to develop the free online group support tool, ‘helpers’ (https://www.helpers.tools). This was specifically designed to support people during the Covid-19 pandemic. The flip side of this is that he worries about how the rapid shift to digital services is leaving some behind, and he has recently been working within SLAM to think about how we may reduce digital exclusion.


You can find Fergus' publications on his website. 


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