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We provide more than 240 services to people in our local communities as well as being the UK's leading provider of national and specialist services.

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  1. Norbury Ward (Bethlem Royal Hospital)

    This is a specialist service, available to people from across the UK.

    The purpose of our service is to ensure that mentally disordered offenders are assessed and treated effectively, in the least restrictive environment. We aim to manage the risk, reduce further offending and support recovery throughout the person's stay.

    Our service is designed to support people on a pathway to recovery through a series of carefully managed stages. Each of the ward areas are associated with a specific stage, so that those people who have responded well to treatment and are close to being discharged will becared for in a different area than those who are acutely unwell, and at the beginning of their journey. Where our admissions and intensive care ward offers enhanced physical and procedural security, our pre-discharge unit offers a high level of independence with a lower level of security, increased access to community programmes, and community outreach services fostering the development of living skills, before moving to independent settings in the community. We also offer time limited inpatient stays and community assessments.

    Our service complies with the national standards set out in the Department of Health Best Practice Guidance: Specification for Adult Medium Secure Services (July 2007).

    Norbury Ward
    Norbury Ward is a medium secure inpatient psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) in River House at Bethlem Royal Hospital.

    We provide psychiatric assessment, treatment and care for men, aged 18-65, who have a history of offending behaviour.

    We work closely with teams of health and social care professionals throughout the hospital, including psychiatrists, mental health nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and psychologists nursing and psychology.

    River House...

    Address: River House,  Bethlem Royal Hospital,  Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, , BR3 3BX

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  2. Perinatal Service

    The Perinatal Mental Health Team is a multidisciplinary mental health service for pregnant and postnatal women with severe and complex mental illness.

    The team aims to prevent, detect and treat perinatal mental health problems. We work to improve the experience of pregnancy and the postpartum period for women and their families, as well as early life experiences for babies.

    Women at risk of relapse in pregnancy and following delivery are assessed early in pregnancy to allow them time to consider the treatment and care options available. The Perinatal Mental Health Team works collaboratively with women, their families and other professionals to plan care during pregnancy and the early postpartum period.

    The Perinatal Mental Health Teams work jointly with adult mental health services already providing care for a woman when she becomes pregnant. We work in partnership with maternity services, children and families’ social services, primary care and other Trust mental health services.

    Our service consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, perinatal nurses, perinatal nursery nurses, midwives, occupational therapists and administrators. The service works with women who cannot be effectively managed in primary care.

    Lambeth Perinatal Mental Health Team:
    St Thomas’ Hospital
    Call: 020 7188 6011

    Southwark Perinatal Mental Health Team:
    King’s College Hospital Call: 020 3299 3234

    Lewisham Perinatal Mental Health Team:
    University Hospital Lewisham Call: 020 3228 9354 or 020 3228 9358

    Croydon Perinatal Mental Health Team:
    Bethlem Royal Hospital
    Call: 020 3228 0304

    Mother and Baby Unit:
    Bethlem Royal Hospital
    Call: 020 3228 4265 or 020 3228 4255
    Referrals: email or submit through WebBeds at

    Address: Multiple sites,

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (National)

  3. Spring Ward

    Spring Ward is a forensic service in River House Medium Secure Unit at Bethlem Royal Hospital. We provide assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and care for women, aged over 18, who have a range of mental health problems.

    We provide care for people who live in the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth and Croydon.

    A Medium Secure Service provides inpatient care and treatment in a secure unit for people with offending behaviour.

    Treatment includes medication and psychological therapy. We provide therapeutic groups, including sport, arts, education, music and cooking.

    The average length of stay at the unit is 12 to 18 months.

    To learn more about our forensic services, visit our National Forensic Services page

    Address: River House
    Bethlem Royal Hospital
    Monks Orchard Road
    Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3BX

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (National)

  4. Thames Ward

    Thames Ward is a medium secure, forensic acute admission ward in River House, at Bethlem Royal Hospital. Thames ward is where everyone is first admitted to at River House to determine what treatment and care they need within the unit.

    As well as providing an in-house assessment and referral service, we provide inpatient care and treatment for men, aged 18-65, who have mental health problems and a history of offending behaviour, and who are acutely unwell or have challenging behaviour. Acute illnesses start quickly and have distressing symptoms.

    We provide nurse-led group therapies and a designated, named worker, who co-ordinates the care of each person. Our health and social care professionals work with people, their families and carers, to develop care plans to help prevent relapses, and to help identify early warning signs, so that they know how to get help in a crisis.

    To learn more about our forensic services, visit our National Forensic Services page.

    River House...

    Address: River House
    Bethlem Royal Hospital
    Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham,  Kent, BR3 3BX

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (National)

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