SC1 London Life Sciences Innovation District

SC1 London Innovation Hubs

SC1 London Life Sciences Innovation District

SC1 London is a life sciences innovation district in south London that brings together the NHS and public sector partners with start-ups, businesses and innovators to achieve one goal - health equality.

SC1 London partners

We are proud to be a founding partner in SC1 London alongside King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, King’s College London, Guys and St Thomas’ Foundation, King’s Health Partners and Lambeth and Southwark borough councils. 

SC1 London Innovation Hubs

SC1 London has three innovation hubs situated in London’s fasted growing and most vibrant commercial and cultural centres.

The SC1 London Innovation Hubs are centres of excellence in mental health and neuroscience, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer and blood disorders. 

Underpinned by expertises in artificial intelligence and health technologies, SC1 London has created an ecosystem that support and accelerates innovation and commercialisation.

SC1 London Strategy

SC1 London’s strategy contains four strategic pillars

Entrepreneurship Enterprise

To be the got to ecosystem for start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs and business of all sizes.

Creative Partnerships

To reimagine the model for open, collaborative public-private partnerships to solve themes complex healthcare challenges

Employment and Skills

To leverage local talent, linking residents to jobs by creating diverse pathways in the sector.

Real Estate with Positive Impact

To develop buildings and creative spaces with ing Lambeth and Southwark that foster co-location and partnership with tine private and public sectors.

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