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We provide more than 240 services to people in our local communities as well as being the UK's leading provider of national and specialist services.

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  1. Waddon Ward

    Waddon Ward is a Forensic Intensive Psychological Treatment Service (FIPTS). We are a medium secure forensic service.

    We provide assessment, treatment and care for male offenders, aged 18-65, who have personality disorders and who may be a risk to themselves and others.

    This is a national pilot programme and is available for people from Prison, high secure or medium secure services whose original borough of residence is within the M25.

    Our treatment programme includes group-work and one to one therapy sessions. We help people to reduce their aggressive and anti-social behaviour and to improve their relationships. We support people in their development at work, and in education, and help them to live more independently in their communities. We admit people for three to four month assessments before treatment, which typically lasts between one and two years.

    This is a specialist service, available to people from across the UK. GPs, consultants, health professionals, referrers, commissioners and members of the public can learn more about our forensic services on our National Forensic Services page.

    River House...

    Address: River House
    Bethlem Royal Hospital
    Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, BR3 3BX

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (National)

  2. Wandsworth Community Drug and Alcohol Service

    We are a community drug and alcohol service for anyone over the age of 18 living in the London Borough of Wandsworth. The team comprises six pathways across three main sites plus various GP surgeries within the borough. The two core pathways in Battersea and Tooting, Primary Care team at various GP surgeries, and Criminal Justice team offer addictions related prescribing alongside psycho-social interventions and access to a range of groups. Psychology and counselling services are available to those accessing all pathways. Recovery and peer mentoring services are also available to all service users. The service is a Consortium with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust being the clinical lead in partnership with Addaction and Mungo's. Staff are therefore employed from medical, psychology, nursing, recovery worker, outreach and ETE backgrounds. The service works closely with local hospitals and GPs, Wandsworth Council services, other local partner agencies and the Service User Network. The over-arching aim of the service is to support service users in reducing or stopping their substance use and associated harm, and working towards sustainable and meaningful recovery in the community.

    Core sites at WCDAS Tooting and St John's also offer needle exchange, blood testing, hep B vaccinations, medical and nurse assessments, smoking cessation, legal advice, Hep C treatment plus access to detox, day programme and residential rehab options. Specialist professionals run sessions at the sites - eg. legal advice (Release), domestic violence (Refuge), Carer's support (Wandsworth Carer's). Satellite services include a Chems clinic at the sexual health service. The Criminal Justice team works closely with local probation and IOM services and can offer follow up and support for substance users recently arrested, those with court orders or being released from prison. Our Recovery Hub offers employability programmes, access to courses, skills training, social events, activities such as yoga, music and art- available at any point in a person's treatment journey.

    **Due to COVID some treatments are being offered remotely where possible**

    To make a referral please email

    Address: St John's Therapy Centre
    162 St. John's Hill
    Battersea, London, SW11 1SW

  3. Ward in the Community

    Our Residential Unit (Lambeth Hospital) is a low secure, residential forensic rehabilitation unit in Landor Road. It has four flats. We provide assessment, treatment and care for men and women, aged, 18-65, who have mental health problems and who require intensive rehabilitation into the community.

    We care for people who live in the London Borough of Lambeth.

    A Low Secure Service provides inpatient care and treatment for people with offending behaviour who pose a low level of risk to the public.

    We help people to develop living skills, including looking after their rooms and cooking. We also provide support with work-related and education opportunities. Our aim is to move people on towards greater independence in their communities.

    We work together with our team of health and social care professionals, residents and their carers.

    The treatments we provide include substance misuse groups, anger management groups and one to one therapy sessions.

    Address: Mackenzie House
    Lambeth Hospital
    108 Landor Road, London, SW9 9NU

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  4. Westways Ward

    The ward is for people, aged 18-65, who have severe mental illness. We provide 24 hour rehabilitation, treatment and care for people who live in the London Borough of Croydon.

    Our service is for people who would benefit from six months to two years rehabilitation. We help people to maintain their health and move towards greater independence in the community.

    Our team includes people from a range of health and social care professions.

    Address: Westways Rehabilitation Unit
    Alexandra House
    First Floor
    Bethlem Royal Hospital, Monks Orchard Road,  Beckenham, BR3 3BX

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  5. Wharton Ward (Ladywell Unit, Lewisham Hospital)

    Wharton Ward is in the Ladywell Unit at University Hospital Lewisham. We provide services for women, aged 18-65, with acute psychiatric illness. Acute illnesses start quickly and have distressing symptoms. We provide care for people who live in the London Borough of Lewisham.

    We offer psychiatric assessment, care and treatment in hospital, which helps reduce risk to self and others.

    Address: Ladywell Unit
    University Hospital Lewisham
    Lewisham High Street, London, SE13 6LW

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  6. William Blake Ward (Lambeth Hospital)

    Bridge House...

    Address: Bridge House
    Lambeth Hospital
    108 Landor Road, London, SW9 9NT

    Category: Forensic Mental Illness

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