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Enhancing Patient Care and Reducing Inequalities: Tendai’s story 

In this week’s Staff Spotlight Series, we spoke to Tendai, who has been an Inpatient Matron in the Croydon Directorate since 2020.  

Path to Becoming a Matron 

Tendai’s journey to becoming a Matron was inspired by an article in the Nursing Times, written by Ruth May in February 2020, titled "Matrons undoubtedly improve the quality of patient care." Tendai shares, "This article reminded me of my aspiration to contribute to improving the quality of care delivered in mental health services. I felt that more could be done to improve service users' experiences and tackle the health inequalities so evident in a busy city such as London." 

As a Matron, Tendai supports services to ensure they provide high-quality care to patients, carers, and the wider community. This role requires a diverse skill set, including inclusive leadership, accountability for professional standards, education and training provision and service improvement initiatives. "The Matron role involves supporting services to provide high-quality care to our patients, carers, and the wider community" Tendai explains. 

Pride in the Organisation 

Tendai takes pride in being able to contribute to the outstanding working being accomplished at the Trust. One of her significant contributions has been developing the nursing workforce through the learning and development programme for International Nurses.

The Trust provided an opportunity for Matrons to develop our nursing workforce through the delivery of the learning and development programme for International Nurses. I have also enjoyed supporting their wellbeing as they adjust to a new life living in London.

Memorable Achievements 

A highlight of Tendai's career was winning the Team of the Year award in 2023 with the Croydon Matrons. "Winning the Team of the Year award was not just for us; we share this achievement with all the Matrons in the Trust who work very hard to ensure we meet quality standards, improve patient experience, and support staff wellbeing," Tendai reflects. 

Supporting Patients and Families 

In her role, Tendai maintains an open-door policy, allowing service users to discuss any concerns with her directly. She is also visible and accessible to carers, providing them with the support they need. Tendai actively supports the monthly Croydon Directorate family and carers group and works closely with carers champions on the ward. 

Driving Change  

Tendai finds great pleasure in her role as the Croydon Directorate co-lead for Reducing Restrictive Practice. "I really enjoy my role.” Tendai shares.

This role has enabled me to support staff development and contribute to reducing health inequalities through our focus on reducing overall restraint data, which in turn has improved patient experiences.

If you're passionate about driving positive change alongside Tendai, join our team and make a difference. Discover our current vacancies on our Careers page: https://slam.nhs.uk/careers.  

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