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South Asian Heritage Month: Share your Story

South Asian culture has made a significant impact on Britain in various aspects, such as food, clothing, music, and the overall ambiance of our towns and cities. It’s a beautiful display of the rich and proud South Asian heritage that has blended into the British way of life, contributing to the diversity of our nation. 

We want to showcase what being South Asian in the 21st century entails and create a sense of unity and belonging within our community. 

We’d love to hear your story. What moments in your life have shaped who you are today? What experiences have taught you valuable lessons? Share your story on Twitter and tag @MaudsleyNHS using the #SAHM2023 

Deputy Head of Nursing for our CAMHS Directorate Onisa Ahmed shares her story here, along with some fabulous photos that showcase her culture.  

“I truly love being of south Asian heritage. The vibrant colours, the intricately made clothes, the upbeat music that you can’t help but dance to, the aroma of your mum’s home cooked food and that heat and smell that hits you the moment you step out of the plane in your homeland.  

“But it hasn’t always been like this. My first recollection of the challenges of being of South Asian heritage followed horrific terrorist attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7: the looks; the alleged association because of how I look and my religion.  

“Moving to London and starting to work at our wonderfully diverse Trust was the turning point for me. Over the last 15 years I have been so lucky to have met colleagues from across the globe who absolutely love their culture and what they represent. I remember being introduced to jollof rice and being gifted beautiful Ankara tops. It is these colleagues that taught me how to be proud and passionate about how I look and what I represent.  

Now I stand proud of my South Asian roots that stem from my grandma’s separation from her family in India in 1947 and the life she went on to build in Pakistan. My heritage has given me the ability to speak in several different languages, the ability to cook a mean biryani and most importantly I can dance to a good Asian beat!” 

Famous borderline between India and Pakistan where there is a daily flag changing ceremony

Wagah border. Famous borderline between India and Pakistan where there is a daily flag changing ceremony

Northern area of Pakistan

northern area of Pakistan

Karakoram mountains

Karakoram mountains

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