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Annie's Role in Promoting Wellbeing and Stress Awareness

In this week’s Staff Spotlight Series, we spoke to Annie Fellows, an Assistant Psychologist in the South London and Maudsley Staff Support Team. Annie is leading a two-year staff wellbeing project, Wellbeing Matters – Finding wellness in your every day, funded by Maudsley Charity and NHS Charities Together.

Supporting our staff

Annie's work centres on expanding and embedding wellbeing initiatives across our community. From Pop-Up Rest & Recharge Hubs, designed to create spaces for relaxation and connection, to virtual trust-wide events, team interventions, and signposting to additional support, Annie ensures that wellbeing remains at the forefront of our culture.

"I find it helpful to set good boundaries between work and home-life," shares Annie. "I strive to avoid checking emails on my personal phone and prioritise mindfulness practices to switch off when necessary. My team is an essential source of support—we regularly check in and celebrate our successes."

Annie highlights the importance of staff mental wellbeing, explaining that quality patient care relies on motivated and healthy staff members. We offer a comprehensive support and wellbeing programme, including reflective and training spaces and a robust post-incident pathway.

Wellbeing Matters

"Individuals can access free, confidential psychological therapies provided by specialist therapists," she adds. "Wellbeing Matters offers trust-wide support, creating spaces for staff to engage and relax."

When asked for advice on managing stress, Annie highlights the importance of reaching out for support. "Whether to a trusted colleague, supervisor, or the Staff Support and Talking Therapies teams, seeking help is vital. Reflect on your experience of stress and explore coping techniques such as mindfulness and physical activity."

Managing stress is everyone’s business

Annie advocates for open conversations about stress to reduce stigma and encourage sharing of coping strategies. She hopes that the Wellbeing Matters Pop-Up Rest & Recharge Hubs will serve as models for replicating supportive environments in individual teams.

"There are systemic issues related to workload and staffing that contribute to stress," she notes. "Raising these concerns with team leaders and senior leadership is essential for long-term change."

Annie envisions a workplace where staff support is seen as 'everyone's business.' By training in staff support offers and participating in continuing professional development, employees can become part of a thriving community of practice.

Team effort

"South London and Maudsley can further support teams by providing resources and funding for wellbeing initiatives," she suggests. "While managing stress shouldn't fall solely on individuals, informal peer support can have a powerful impact."

If you are a team player and would like to join Annie, find out about working for us and our current vacancies on our Careers page -

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