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Our Governors

Our Council of Governors acts as a link between service users, carers, staff, the general public and the Trust's Board of Directors.

They support the Board of Directors in setting the long-term vision for our organisation, and hold the non-executive directors to account for the actions of the Board. Our Board of Directors has a duty to consult, and listen to the views of, the Council of Governors.

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James Mac

Job title Public Governor

I have lived in South London since 2011, and have been a member of SLaM since 2015. After attending SLaM Board Meetings (public), Annual Meetings, and Council of Governors meetings as an observer from 2016-2022, I decided to run for Governor in 2023.  

I now join the Council of Governors representing the neurodiversity community, with a particular interest in supporting childhood and adult Autism services. Sharing my experience receiving a diagnosis via the NHS, I have empathy for those waiting patiently in all too long mental health pathways. 

More broadly, I bring a wealth of experience working within the NHS as an Analytics specialist. I have built cross-site patient booking systems and optimised capacity through AI "smart" waitlists. Before moving to the NHS and after my MBA at Oxford, I worked as an IT Director, Finance Director, and an Analytics Director in the private healthcare sector. 

These days, I bring my passion for building user-friendly technology platforms and connecting real-time data across different patient systems. My understanding of the nuance of these systems comes from working at acute hospitals (2017-2024) and community providers (2015-2016).

 I hope to contribute to SLaM and the Board of Governor by getting stuck in on a range of topics, and by listening to the challenges the staff and users are facing.

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Contact your governors

If you have a question for your governors, please email governors@slam.nhs.uk

The Council of Governors is made up of:

  • Appointed members from organisations that the Trust works with
  • People who use the Trust's services elected by our membership
  • Carers of people who use the Trust's services elected by our membership
  • Members of the public elected by our membership
  • Members of staff elected by our membership

The Council's responsibilities include:

  • Appointing the Chair and other non-executive directors
  • Removing, if three quarters of the council of governors decide that it is necessary, the chair or other non-executive directors
  • Approving, by a majority, the appointment of the Chief Executive by the non-executive directors
  • Appointing or removing the Trust's auditor
  • Supporting and engaging with the Trust board
  • Holding the non-executive directors to account for the performance of the Trust Board
  • Representing the interests of the members of the Trust as a whole and the interests of the public
  • Approving 'significant transactions'
  • Deciding whether non-NHS work would significantly impact on the Trust's core role
  • Approving, by an overall majority, an application by the Trust to enter into a merger, acquisition, separation or dissolution
  • Approving amendments to the Trust's constitution

Governors review

The governors review includes information about the role of governors and their activities over the preceding year:
Governors review 2021-22

Governors review 2020-21

How to become a governor

Governors are elected to the Council of Governors from the public, service user, carer and staff constituencies. Elected governors serve a three-year term on the Council of Governors. Governors are also appointed by partner organisations. 

If you are interested in becoming a governor, vacancies will be advertised here or you can contact us to find our more via governors@slam.nhs.uk

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