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Module 2: Using Positive Behaviour Support when Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities

Module 2: Using Positive Behaviour Support when Supporting Adults with a Learning Disability (a City & Guilds Assured programme)

Duration: Two and a half days (Workshops 1 and 2 - 9.30am to 4pm.  Workshop 3 (online) - 9.30am to 1pm)

Dates: Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th July 2024 with half day follow up on Wedensday 21st August 2024.

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This programme is mapped to the Positive Behaviour Support Competence Framework  First Step to Foundation-Competence Framework, which comprises about one third of the content of the Foundation Level from the full competence framework.


  • To provide participants with an introductory level insight into Positive Behaviour Support and how to apply its principles and approaches when supporting adults with a learning disability whose behaviour challenges.

Target Audience

Target Audience

  • Anyone who provides support for adults with a learning disability whose behaviour is of concern.
  • Support Workers, Personal Assistants, Day Centre Workers, Junior Line Managers.
  • Those with a good understanding of supporting adults with a learning disability or have completed our module 1 ‘Introduction to Supporting Adults with a Learning Disability’ course.
  • Those who are starting out on their training in PBS, where a formal qualification in PBS is not required.

City & Guilds Course Requirements

In addition to attending all workshops, participants  will be required to complete and submit all the following learning activities on Oracle, our virtual learning environment in order to successfully complete the course:

  1. Develop a self-identified action plan at the end of first workshop.
  2. Work towards achieving their action plan goal during the month before the final workshop.
  3. Complete and submit assigned workbook exercises before the final workshop.  This will include you completing an ABC chart for someone you support.
  4. Complete and submit a reflective exercise at the end of the final workshop.


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Manager Requirements

  • Organisations and line managers are expected to provide ongoing support to participants by providing reflective supervision, coaching and mentoring to shape their PBS practice in their direct work with people with learning disabilities.
  • Managers are expected to support learners with the development and implementation of their self-identified action plan between workshops 2 and 3.

Learner Requirements

Before enrolling on this programme, learners are expected to have a good knowledge and understanding of, 

  • Mental Capacity Act 
  • Safeguarding
  • Human Rights Act
  • Legal issues relate to restrictive practices including physical interventions, for example Deprivation of Liberty and Liberty Protection Safeguards.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know what the terms behaviours of concern or ’behaviours that challenge' means.
  • Be able to identify causes of behaviours of concern and reflect on the importance that attitudes and values have when supporting someone whose presents behaviours of distress.
  • Identify effective ways to communicate when supporting someone with a learning disability whose behaviour is challenging.
  • Understand Active Support as a key component of Positive Behaviour Support.
  • Understand the support worker’s role in Active Support.
  • Develop and implement a plan to better support a person who presents behaviours of concern.

Content: Workshop 1

  • What is meant by 'behaviours of concern' (behaviours that challenge) and ‘self-injurious behaviour’.
  • Values and approaches to Positive Behaviour Support.
  • Understanding why adults may present behaviours of concern.
  • What is meant by positive behaviour support and how staff can implement strategies.


Content: Workshop 2

  • Review of action plans and review and discussion of workbook submissions (ABC charts)
  • The ethics of Positive Behaviour Support.
  • Active Support.
  • What does good support look like? 
  • Discussions and reflections on learning from the course

Informative and engaging training.  Essential for professionals and informal carers supporting people with learning disabilities. I am so pleased to have been on this course and will be recommending what have learnt to my colleagues and friends.

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Not for profit organisations in Lambeth, Lewisham or Southwark and SLaM NHS or GSTT NHS staff

On booking a place on this training programme, you will be directed to Estia Oracle, our new virtual learning environment where you can access workshop information, learning materials and resources.  If you would like to book multiple places for this course please email