The Estia Centre: Prospectus

Prospectus and Course Resources

Prospectus and Course Resources

The open courses described in our prospectus are grouped into a series of modular workshops targeted to your level of confidence, skills and ability.

View our Prospectus 2022-2023.[pdf]

Please find the resources below;

1. Introductory and Refresher

Ideal for newly recruited employees or for more experienced staff who are seeking to refresh their knowledge and understanding. An introduction to key topics which cover the knowledge areas people new to working in learning disability support services may require. 

Module 1 - Introuction to Supporting Adults with a Learning Disability.[pdf]   Module 1 - Mental Capacity Act and Liberty Protection Safeguards.[pdf]

Module 1 - Person Centred Risk.pdf[pdf] 181KB   Module 1 - Professional Boundaries.[pdf]

Module 1 - Becoming Trauma Informed.[pdf]  Module 1- Introduction to Mental Health & Wellbeing.[pdf]

3. Supervisory and Senior

Ideal for team leaders, supervisors and managers. ––For leaders of teams who support adults with learning disabilities with additional needs.

Module 3 - Developing Team Resilience.[pdf]  Module 3 - Postive Behaviour Support for Team Leaders.[pdf]

Module 3 - Role of Practice Leadership.[pdf]  Module 3- Leading Teams.[pdf]

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