Idowu (Ola) Dawodu

Idowu (Ola) Dawodu, Ward Administrator and Research Champion, South London and Maudsley 

As a Research Champion, I am a point of contact for all research-related activities relevant to my team. 

What’s your role at the Trust?   

I am ward administrator for Aubrey Lewis 1 (AL1) ward, an older adults ward in the Maudsley Hospital.    

Why did you get into this role?  

I know how busy hospitals are, so I became an administrator so I can help and contribute to the smooth running of the ward.  

 What is your working day like?   

On a typical day I will be answering calls, responding to queries, emails, supporting the nursing staff, patients and patients’ families.    

When did you become a Research Champion? How did you first become research aware?   

I became a Research Champion in February 2023. Having undertaken various research subjects in public health matters during my undergraduate course in health and social care, I found the area of healthcare fascinating and would love to continually contribute to this field in any way I can.    

Has the role had an impact in your day to day role?  

Yes, research empowers me with knowledge about the care we’re providing. It also enriches my day to day with the latest knowledge of health, nutrition and treatment. Research helps me to follow my interests and learn something new.  

 If someone didn’t know much about research - what would you say that research means to you?  

Research to me means using information to solve problems and make decisions. It also means the creation of new knowledge and how that knowledge is being used and carried out. With the help of research we are able to find solutions to key issues affecting our communities.