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Bethlem Gallery announces 2022 programme

Bethlem Gallery, which is based at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in south London, has announced its 2022 programme, marking 25 years of Bethlem Gallery.

Care in all its forms – as political action, response to injustice, as support, community or living well together – is at the core of the 2022 programme, which marks 25 years since the space opened in 1997 in the grounds of the Bethlem Royal Hospital in south east London. 

Artists, scientists, therapists and other practitioners will work together on sound, sculpture, video and textile works exploring ideas relating to mental health, climate change, racism, the home, and the power of music.

Director Sophie Leighton said: “Bethlem Gallery has an important role to play with, and for our communities, a role that has come to the fore during the pandemic, as we all think about mental health, society and the importance of care. 

"We are working with artists, the hospital and local communities to open conversations that can be difficult and messy, but also playful and healing.”

The first exhibition, In this Moment opens on February 5, 2022. 

In this Moment is an immersive sensory installation exploring ideas of nature and the cosmos through interactive sound sculptures, and tactile furniture and textile works. 

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