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London Care Record goes live

The London Care Record brings together your health and care information into a single digital view. Health and care staff working across multiple care settings use the London Care Record to access up to date, joined-up information about you when treating or caring for you. The London Care Record has been used over 30 million times by frontline health and care staff allowing them to deliver faster, safer, and more effective care to service users. In 2020, Londoners came together in a Citizens’ Summit to decide how London’s health and care services should be using your health and care data. As a result, all partners agreed to share data Pan London meaning sharing across all health and care organisations in the Capital and making sure that more frontline NHS and social care providers can access your information to better support your treatment outcomes.

Our Trust is already sharing information with other care providers/organisations within South East London. From the 7th September 2023, SlaM will share your information with other health and care providers across London which will support better outcomes and discussions with your care team when you visit other health and care providers.

London Care Record FAQ for Patients, Carers and Public [pdf]

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