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Seni Lewis Award 2024

Every year we invite entries from NHS mental health organisations, for the Seni Lewis Award, who have made an outstanding contribution to improvements in co-operation between the police and mental health services. 

This year, the application deadline has been extended to 12 April 2024. 

The award, in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, is just one of our initiatives to help us ‘Be a partner in prevention’ where we are supporting people living with mental health conditions to stay well. 

This year, we have teamed up with the police and the Health Service Journal to showcase the importance of providing multi-agency responses to mental health crisis. 

The award was set up as a lasting legacy in memory of Olaseni Lewis who died in 2010 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital after prolonged restraint by up to 11 police officers. 

The lessons learned from Seni’s tragic death have resulted in changes to not only how the Trust works, but changes in law. Mental Health Units (Use of Force Bill) also known as ‘Seni’s Law’ provides better protection for patients from inappropriate use of force that will help prevent future deaths. 

The family of Seni Lewis said:

It is important we have this award every year to ensure the joint working of mental health services and the police is constantly evolving and improving. We have seen good practice in the past, but we need to be consistent.

Entries will be marked against the following criteria: 

  • Ambition including goals set and how they were achieved 

  • Outcome including data which evidences improvements made 

  • Spread including how the partnership working has spread throughout the organisation 

  • Value including how the partnership has improved value for patients and staff 

  • Involvement including examples of how the police, medics, family and others were fully engaged

Alongside the award, the Trust has developed the Seni Lewis Training Programme with Seni’s family. The training, which is mandatory for all staff, is designed to develop knowledge and skills in the prevention and least restrictive management of violence and aggression as well as community engagement. 

Application deadline is 12 April 2024.

Winners will be announced in September 2024. 

Read more and apply: 

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