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Recovery College supports the development of major training programme

South London and Maudsley’s Recovery College has supported the development of a major training programme to help tackle stigma and discrimination and promote mental health, recovery and community inclusion.

The QualityRights e-training, which is free and open to everyone, has been launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

South London and Maudlsey's Recovery College, which offers co-produced mental health and well-being education for people connected to the Trust, contributed to the early development of the training programme. 

Gabrielle Richards, Head of Inclusion, Recovery, Professional Head of Occupational Therapy and AHPs at South London and Maudsley said: “I would encourage everyone to take this online course and share this information with others within your network. This is an excellent tool to help people look after their own mental health and support others and we will be rolling this training out to our staff. 

“Thank you to our brilliant Recovery College for their support in the early stages of the development of this training.”

This training will help:

  • improve your own mental health
  • learn how to support friends, family and members of the community
  • gain the knowledge and skills to tackle stigma, abuses and coercion in mental health
  • gain valuable expertise and skills to help transform services towards a person-centered, rights-based recovery approach


The training offers the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to also learn how to look after their own mental health, how to support others and how to build responsive mental health services. In doing so, the world will be on a better path to achieving good mental health outcomes. 

The e-training is free and everyone completing the course will receive a WHO certificate.

It is a self-paced course consisting of six modules and 2 case studies and takes between 8 and 15 hours to complete. The training is available in 11 languages.

Get started:

Access the WHO QualityRights e-training: