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SLP CAMHS Crisis Line

How our service can help you

The SLP CAMHS Crisis Line is an urgent mental health helpline for all children and young people in South London.  The line is operated by NHS trained child and adolescent mental health practitioners and advisors who provid crisis counselling and mental health support.  

A mental health crisis explained
A mental health crisis means different things to different people. 

  • You may be concerned that your mental health has been getting worse over time, or you might feel suddenly overwhelmed. 
  • You might feel unable to cope, or as if you will not be able to manage for much longer.
  • You might feel so distressed that you want to harm yourself or someone else.
  • You might hear unpleasant voices or feel that people are watching you or trying to hurt you.
  • You may be overly worried or anxious, having repetitive thoughts or overthinking situations.
  • You might be struggling with eating or sleeping, or other physical symptoms associated with anxiety or low mood
  • You might be worried about a child or young person you care for and need advice about a situation

There is no one way to think or feel when in a crisis.  Crisis practitioners will work with you to think about your needs.   

Sometimes it can help to ask someone you trust to make the first call for you.  Regardless of your situation, we are here for you, to listen and offer support.

Who can call the SLP CAMHS Crisis Line?

The SLP CAMHS Crisis Line provides mental health advice and guidance to help wellbeing and safety of children/young people. 

We accept calls from:

  • Children/young people
  • Parents/carers, and
  • Professionals

If you are under 18 years old and registered with a GP in South London, or you are worried about someone who is, you can call the SLP CAMHS Crisis Line for support and guidance.

What happens when I call the CAMHS Crisis Line?

When you call the crisis line the crisis practitioner will introduce themselves by name and invite you to share with them your concerns.  They will ask you initial details about yourself, your name, DOB, area where you live and if you are known to CAMHS Services. This is so we can identify you and gain access to your notes to help us help you with your current situation. Call handlers will try to collaborate with you to help reduce distress and establish safety.  

The SLP CAMHS Crisis Line ethos centres around providing person-centred care, this means practitioners will work with you to understand your needs and the best options available for you. The type of support available includes:

  • Safe and supportive space to speak openly about concerns
  • Psychological first aid and immediate crisis counselling
  • Brief interventions, including CBT and DBT skills
  • Professional consultation
  • Brief psychoeducation, mental health advice and support
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Liaise with other professionals involved in the young person’s care. 
  • Divert the call to a more appropriate service.

If you are unsure whether you need emergency services, crisis line practitioners will advise on whether emergency services are needed.  It is important to contact 999 if there is an immediate risk to life. 


  • Service Borough Covers: Lambeth, Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark,Kingston, Merton, Sutton, Richmond, Wandsworth,Greenwich, Bromley and Bexley
  • Contact the service

    Site Location: London Known As: SLP CAMHS Crisis Line Phone Number: 020 3228 5980
  • Address: Maudsley Hospital,
    SE5 8AZ
  • Business Hours/Visiting Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am to 11pm, 365 days per year. Outside of these hours, you will hear an automated message and be prompted to select your local 24hrs mental health support line.
  • Other essential information

  • Conditions: depression, anxiety, addictions
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