Frequently Asked Questions: Teams and Service Moves

Last updated: 25/01/2023

Most of our Trust’s accommodation, including inpatient, community and office buildings, are outdated and we have an excess of space in non-patient facing areas. Maintaining old and outdated buildings, and more office space than we need, is very expensive.   

This year, as part of ambitious plans to modernise our buildings and services, our Trust is closing Lambeth Hospital and a trio of buildings on De Crespigny Park - Mapother House, the Michael Rutter Centre, and Professorial Building - to be developed into much-needed housing and a staff nursery.

Closures are part of a £186 million investment we are making to provide modern, safe, and therapeutic environments for people who use our services, and for staff to work in. Our modernisation programme will create good quality clinical space with enough office space to support the delivery of care.  

New Douglas Bennett House and the Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People have been co-designed by patients, service users, carers, clinicians and specialist architects, working together to create a modern and much-improved place for staff to work and people to recover.   

Closing outdated buildings for redevelopment enables the Trust to release their value to reinvest in our hospital and community facilities, while creating and meeting our communities’ need for affordable new homes. 

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Section 1: Services moving to New Douglas Bennett House (NDBH)

1. Where and when are teams moving to NDBH? 

Eight inpatient wards will move to the New Douglas Bennett House.

2. Where will wards moving to NDBH be located? 

In the early part of this year, the building contractor IHP will hand over the keys. Over several months, people will begin moving in to NDBH. Please note that these dates are subject to change. 

NDBH   Provisional Date

Ground Floor

Lishman Neuropsychiatry Unit 22 May 2023
First Floor Eden Ward (PICU) 1 June 2023
  LEO Ward 15 June 2023
Second Floor Luther King Ward 5 June 2023
  Rosa Parks Ward 8 June 2023
Third Floor Florence Ward 30 May 2023
  Nelson Ward 12 June 2023
Fourth Floor Gerald Russell Eating Disorders Unit 22 June 2023
Evans Ward, Ladywell Unit, Lewisham Hospital    
Fourth Floor Tony Hillis Unit 19 June 2023
Bethlem Royal Hospital, Denis Hill 1    
Ground Floor Ward in the Community August 2023



Section 2: Facilities on the Maudsley Campus

To mitigate the impact of people relocating and make moving as smooth as possible, we want to be as open and responsive as possible by listening to you, acting on your feedback and ensuring every individual and team has the support they need. 

3Where are services not moving to New Douglas Bennett House going?

All non-inpatient services in Lambeth or Mapother House will be moving to accommodation in Lambeth or the Maudsley. Some teams in the Maudsley will need to move out to accommodate clinical services moving in.

The 'Ward in the Community' service is moving to the Bethlem Royal Hospital – date TBC. 

We’ve agreed to lease two dedicated floors at Blue Star House , subject to final lease agreements. Blue Star House is a short (25 min) walk from the Maudsley Campus and is well-connected by the public transport network.

The service hours to Blue Star House are:

  • Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm; and
  • Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm (excluding bank holidays). 
  • Access outside of the core hours will require giving advance notice to the building management team.

When Mapother House closes, along with the other buildings on De Crespigny Park, the Cedar House Nursery will close. The staff nursery will be provided from 113-115 Denmark Hill by The Croft Day Nursery.

4. The library has moved from Lambeth Hospital, how can I access it?

The South London and Maudsley Library has moved to the Bishopsgate Training Centre at the Bethlem Royal Hospital

You can visit Monday – Friday, 8:30pm - 4;30pm  (check before you travel as Bishopsgate sometimes closes) or contact the library -

If you’re unable to visit, there are still a number of e-resources:

5. When will teams be able to visit the new building and other spaces?

From spring 2023 in-person tours of your new workspace will be organised with your team leaders. Information about dates and arrangements will be made available soon.

6. How is space being allocated? 

Before the pandemic, at its height only 30 per cent of Outpatient rooms were used, meaning there is enough space to create fair access to the spaces for everyone. 

There will be space to hold team meetings, supervisions and private meetings, dependent on need. The ambition is for non-clinical staff to become more agile in the way and where they work.

7. Can we still book rooms?

The Outpatients building will re-open in July 2023. It is anticipated that teams moving back into offices will happen in April 2023.

There will be at least 40 clinical rooms that will be available to book as confidential spaces for face-to-face and remote meetings. Rooms will be available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm (we are looking to extend the service to Saturday). Clinical rooms can be booked via ePJ.

There will be ongoing discussions on a way forward on the best use of space and rooms that is fair for all.

8. What about storage space?

Over the coming months, there will be a review of each service to understand the storage needs of your teams. To meet clinical needs, we will ensure that teams have lockable storage space.

9. Will there be green spaces on the Maudsley Campus?

Across from the site is Ruskin Park, one of London’s famous parks. The park was recently declared a ‘Health Park’ in recognition of its health benefits, along with numerous on-site initiatives including a new outdoor gym, partnerships with mental health groups and an active volunteering programme.

The new De Crespigny Park redevelopment, when completed, will include safe and welcoming communal spaces to be enjoyed by all. The architects have designed external spaces that promote positive mental health and wellbeing through the features and planting. 

Section 3: Transport

10. What about parking and parking permits?

The Trust is not able to offer parking permits to all staff who would like them, due to the construction of New Douglas BH and the Pears Maudsley Centre limiting car-park spaces on the Maudsley Campus

The Trust has prioritised spaces for:

  • Disabled users;
  • Business use; and
  • Pool vehicles.

When New Douglas Bennett House wards open (May-July 2023). The contractor IHP remains on the Maudsley campus until December 2023 when the Pears Maudsley Centre opens. Therefore, the main car park will remain closed.

Staff will have access to limited offsite parking -40 bays - in Dulwich Hamlet, Dog Kennel Hill, which is a short walk (15 minutes) to Denmark Hill.

11. Are there reliable transport options to get to the Maudsley Campus?

NDBH on the Maudsley Campus is in Denmark Hill, a central, diverse and accessible south London location, eight miles north of the Bethlem Royal Hospital, in TfL Zone 2, providing great transport options.

The Maudsley Campus is located between the popular hubs of Brixton, Herne Hill, Dulwich, Peckham and Camberwell.

Denmark Hill Station

  • The Maudsley Campus is less than a five-minute walk from Denmark Hill train station, which is on Thameslink and Southeastern national rail lines, and London Overground.
  • Network Rail has recently completed a £7.5m extension to the Station which includes a new entrance, more comfortable waiting facilities, sheltered platforms, better lighting and a brand new 85-space cycle hub.
  • There’s a new second entrance to Denmark Hill Station, on Windsor Walk which reduces the commute for staff and service users
  • Trains from Denmark Hill connect to London Victoria, Blackfriars, Gravesend or Ashford International/Gillingham/ Sevenoaks


  • Buses to Brixton, Stockwell, West Norwood, Clapham Junction, Liverpool Street Station, Elephant and Castle, South Kensington and Croydon  

Cycle facilities

  • Cycle parking and showering facilities in NDBH and across the Maudsley Campus
  • Brand new 85-space cycle hub at Denmark Hill Station

Local amenities

  • There are many local cafés, restaurants, shops and the ORTUS Learning and Event Centre
  • John Ruskin Park, one of the most famous parks in the area, is across the road from the Maudsley Campus   

Section 4: Further Support

12. If I have questions about the service moves, where can I get more information?

Every Thursday, between 9:30 – 10 am, there is a weekly online decant forum meeting hosted by Jo Kent, Programme Director, Agile Working and Decants.

You’re welcome to raise any questions or concerns you may wish to ask about the decants and service moves.

Additional practical support for teams is provided in the form of: 

Section 5: Contact us

We recognise that moving to a new work location and changes to our work environment creates uncertainty. 

If you have a question that hasn't been answered in this FAQs or you would like to raise any concerns you might have about moving, no matter how small, please speak with your manager, ask a question at a weekly decant forum or email or    

We can respond to your questions and answers can be shared and accessed in one place.

We won’t have answers to every question but welcome your questions and feedback

If you’d like your team to have a detailed decant and service briefing at one of your regular meetings, please email    

For the latest decant and service moves information, check out the Maud service moves page and the Modernisation Programme page on the Trust’s website.

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