3S-YP: Social Media, Smartphone Use and Self-Harm In Young People Study

3S-YP: Social Media, Smartphone Use and Self-Harm In Young People Study

Many young people use social media (for example, Instagram) and have a smartphone. Although this technology is useful, there is concern about its effect on mental health and wellbeing. We are a team of researchers from King’s College London and South London & Maudsley NHS Trust, and we are working in partnership with the charity YoungMinds and funded by the Medical Research Council and Medical Research Foundation.

We want to understand how social media and smartphone use are associated with changes in mental health and wellbeing in young people. This information will help us learn when and what type of support would be useful for young people who are experiencing difficulties.

We are reaching out to young people who were seen at a mental health service in SLaM and who agreed (or their parent/carer agreed) that researchers could contact them about relevant studies, to find out if they would be interested in taking part in the 3S-YP study

Young people are invited to provide information to the study about their mental health and use of social media and a smartphone. Everyone is different which is why it’s important for us to involve young people with a range of experiences to ensure our study best represents everyone.

For further information on the study, please click on the relevant link below:

If you have any questions or would like more information about the study, please contact us by email at 3syp@kcl.ac.uk, or call 07775 247 753.

You can also visit the dedicated study website.

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