Southwark CAMHS Crisis Service


Maudsley Hosptial,

1st Floor Mapother House,

DeCrespigny Park Road,



Treatment in crisis:

CBT informed work, Systemic interventions, Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Drama and Art Therapy informed work.



As an assertive outreach team when fully staffed we responded within 2 working days for offering urgent assessments. We had started a project with the Harris Academies in Southwark. We offered telephone consultation and advice about whether a young person can be seen by us via an urgent slot or going to A&E.


Child and Adolescent Paediatric Liason Service (King's College Hosptial A&E)


Child and Adolescent Paediatric Liason Service,

Belgrave Department,

King's College Hospital,

Denmark Hill,




Treatment in crisis:

CBT, CBT for psychosis, SDP, DBT informed intervention (formal training awaited), systemic interventions, psychodynamic therapy, behavioural work, mindfulness, duel diagnosis Psychoeducation, psychiatric assessment and pharmacological management.



The Paediatric Liaison Service provides a mental health liaison service for children and adolescents up to the age of 18 at King's College Hospital. The service sees children and young people who self -harm or have a mental health emergency which may or may not be related to a physical illness. The team also provides mental health assessment and treatment in the context of chronic and acute medical conditions and symptoms with a team incl a band 6 nurse, band 7 nurse, CT 1 – 3, CAMHS ST4 - 6 and CAMHS consultants. Each day, two on-call workers and one on-call consultant.

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