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Mental health conditions


What is it

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. Some anxiety is normal and necessary. It helps us avoid potentially dangerous or harmful situations. But feeling anxious all the time can start to get in the way of life.

Anxiety can be about specific situations like exams, approaching a group of people, separation, or change. Anxiety also means our thinking changes. You might have worries that go round and round in circles or notice the urge to try and escape certain situations.


How it feels

When we get anxious we become aware of a range of emotional and physical symptoms. This might include feeling nervous, anxious, or frightened, your heart beating faster, shortness of breath, feeling sick or ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, sweating, and so on. This is due to the ‘fight-or-flight’ response being activated.


Things that can help you cope with it

Relaxation techniques can help you calm down and lower your overall level of anxiety. Techniques like 'Calm Triangle Breathing' can help you to ease the physical sensations experienced during a moment of panic.


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