Online programme for children with chronic physical illness

We are dedicated to improving the mental health resources directly available to all children - reducing stigma, raising awareness of mental health issues and providing basic cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) skills to manage difficulties.

We have found a way of successfully reaching large numbers through our innovative and exciting CUES whole-class programmes. However, children living with chronic illness are facing particular challenges and can have difficulties with regular school attendance. They can experience a range of persistent stressors that may exacerbate symptoms and physical health problems have a psychological dimension that are a test to any child’s resilience.

So in order to provide meaningful resources for these children to access at home and within the hospital setting, we have adapted both content and mode of delivery to provide an accessible and useful programme promoting mental health in a really positive way. This includes teaching videos and materials alongside interactive quizzes, games, tasks and activities to try individually and with wider family members.

CUES promotes physical and emotional self-care and the bidirectional links between looking after ourselves physically and emotionally. It is vital that the mental health and wellbeing of children managing chronic illness is prioritised alongside their physical health – highlighted in recent guidance from the NHS five year forward view (2014) and Mental Health Taskforce (2016) calling for an integrated physical and mental health care approach. 

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