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School-based workshops for 16 to 18 year olds


DISCOVER is an innovative school-based workshop programme for sixth form students who experience anxiety, low mood and high stress.

DISCOVER ‘How to Manage Stress and Worry’ is an award-winning, evidence-based mental health programme that provides psychological support for students who are experiencing anxiety, high stress or low mood.

DISCOVER aims to build teenagers’ resilience and help them handle ongoing academic or personal stresses, including procrastination, poor sleep, excess worrying, relationship difficulties, low motivation and time management.

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Reset and Rewind

Man with text: Everyones got this stigma, you've got to be hard. We're humans

The DISCOVER team have helped to develop Reset and Rewind, a series of short films featuring rap artists talking about their mental health and sharing wellbeing tips.

The five films, created by TOAD and commissioned by Channel 4 and the BFI, feature artists Konan, Krept and Ms Banks exploring trauma, grief and body image. Ray BLK and D Double E offer tips on mindfulness breathing and sleep.

You can watch the full series of short films on the Channel 4 website.

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2019 - Shortlisted, British Medical Journal. Annual Mental Health Award
2018 - Winner, Guardian Public Services Award
2016 - Award for Innovation in Practice from the British Psychological Society’s Faculty for Children and Young People

Meet the DISCOVER team

Meet the DISCOVER team

Learn more about the team behind the DISCOVER program.

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