The voices of young people who have attended DISCOVER

It’s when I really started to know myself. It was a turning point from when I looked at myself differently and knew I could be doing better. Enjoyed the process overall as I got a lot of stress techniques. Seeing the video characters put into perspective that other people felt the same as me and I wasn’t just struggling on my own.

Setting goals – it gives you something to work towards – people might be struggling and feeling overwhelmed managing things on their own, so it is helpful.

Sixth form student

I enjoyed learning about how to cope with stress – this was motivating as I felt more hopeful about changing things that had felt stuck. I felt more motivated for sixth form after attending the workshop. 

Sixth form student

What do teachers think about DISCOVER programmes?

From beginning to end, the DISCOVER programme provides a fantastic framework for students to support their own mental health. Students can self-register, and the programme allows pastoral staff to push students who might benefit, to register. Feedback from students has been excellent and the combination of workshop and 1-2-1 support is outstanding. Practical strategies are taught in the workshops and professional support is given from the highly trained clinical psychologists in 1-2-1s. The quality of feedback and practical actions that result are very helpful, as are the CBT based strategies that are tailored to needs of students.

Our students greatly benefited from the DISCOVER programme, particularly in having the space to talk freely about things they were struggling with. It was imperative to our understanding of how we should support our students best.

It has been brilliant not only has your team supported the group of students involved but also the pastoral team and approaches to the wider.