Why DISCOVER is important

Rates of anxiety and depression are high amongst 16-19s, and national surveys show a worrying increase in mental health problems amongst teenagers in recent years. Chronic anxiety and worry can negatively affect young people’s ability to deal with the pressures of exams and coursework.

High stress can also affect their motivation, their self-esteem and personal relationships, and decision-making about their future life goals. Under high stress and pressure, some young people may feel hopeless and suicidal or may resort to self-harm. Those young people who face adverse social and family circumstances are at heightened risk of experiencing mental health difficulties. Importantly, if left untreated, high stress levels in teenage years can lead to longstanding emotional and mental health difficulties, and associated occupational disadvantages that continue into adulthood. However, although evidence-based psychological therapy exists and the need for support is great, teenagers often find it hard to access suitable psychological interventions, and they may even fail to recognise the early warning signs of anxiety, stress and low mood.

Widening our reach

We can offer the following DISCOVER programmes, to meet young people needs:

  • The DISCOVER ‘How to Manage Stress and Worry workshop programme, for up to 16 sixth form students (delivered over four months).
  • The new DISCOVER Emotional Wellbeing Assembly (either as a 50 minute or 30 minute version) for up to 600 sixth form students.
  • The new DISCOVER Emotional Wellbeing Booster workshop (2 hours) for up to 20 students.
  • The new DISCOVER ‘Getting the Life You Want programme’, designed with and for Care Experienced young people aged 16-19.

Reset and Rewind

In 2021, the DISCOVER team helped the TOAD film company to create 'Reset and Rewind', a series of short films featuring rap artists talking about their mental health and sharing wellbeing tips. The five films were commissioned by Channel 4 and the BFI, and feature artists Konan, Krept and Ms Banks exploring trauma, grief and body image.

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