Commissioning DISCOVER

All of our programmes can be booked directly by schools: These include:

The DISCOVER ‘How to Manage Stress and Worry’ programme. This programme provides intensive psychological support for students who are experiencing anxiety, high stress or low mood. Up to 16 students can attend. 

The DISCOVER Emotional Wellbeing assembly: This assembly session can be delivered in person or online, to whole sixth forms or to smaller groups of students. It provides a brief overview of the science underlying stress and anxiety, and an outline of evidence-based techniques to improve students’ capacity to organise their work lives and stay motivated; maintain a healthy work-life balance and seek support; manage fears and worries; get a good night’s sleep. A 50-minute and a 30-minute version of this assembly is available. Students receive an accompanying e-summary handout.

The DISCOVER Wellbeing Booster workshop. This two-hour session provides opportunities for students to discuss and apply the DISCOVER assembly content to ongoing issues in their own lives. Participants receive an accompanying workbook, and set personal goals.

Teacher training in the core DISCOVER approach: In response to requests, we have created a downloadable seven-lesson pack of DISCOVER resources for Emotional wellbeing and Mental Health PSHCE Key Stage 5 tutorials. This resource pack includes teacher lesson plans and materials including student handouts and guidance notes.

Teacher INSET sessions: These CPD sessions cover various aspects of adolescent mental health and student emotional wellbeing and can be provided in person, or online. Topics include; the psychology of stress and wellbeing; building students’ emotional resilience; managing exam stress; tackling perfectionism and anxiety. Presentations can be tailored on request.

If you would like more information about our DISCOVER Workshop programmes please contact or We will be pleased to arrange to meet you on Microsoft Teams or in person, to help you decide how DISCOVER could be delivered to suit young people’s needs.

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