The process of DISCOVERThe DISCOVER programme usually runs within the autumn or spring school terms, and the team will be actively involved with each school sixth form for around four months overall, from the start to the end stages of the DISCOVER programme delivery with students.

We always schedule the programme in partnership with schools to fit around existing timetables and maximise staff and student participation. In order to build an awareness of each participating student’s wellbeing and mental health needs, we meet the students individually before the workshop, and then re-assess their needs three months after the workshop. This enables us to identify and address any identified risks, evaluate the programme impact, and signpost students to further help if required.

What happens at the workshop

At the DISCOVER workshop, the team use a range of multi-media methods to deliver material, aid learning and engage students. This includes psychologist-led presentations, video material, group discussions, experiential exercises, and goal-setting, to build skills in the strategies and techniques covered and to improve students’ wellbeing outcomes.

Each student gets a DISCOVER Workbook to use within the workshop and to keep. At the end of the workshop day, students are supported to set personal goals, identifying and applying techniques that have been demonstrated during the workshop. The student also has access to the DISCOVERbot app which holds a record of their goal and has a reminder of the workshop techniques. We review students’ progress by phone approximately a week after the workshop, and then, in an individual session, three months later.

Please note that if students have additional emotional or mental health needs that require further targeted intervention, we will assist them to access specialist mental health or emotional support. Should any concerns be identified around risks or safeguarding, the standard school procedures for this will be followed, in partnership with the school, and the relevant parties informed.

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