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Kintsugi Training Programmes

The Kintsugi Course - a creative experience of healing and restoration.

Nothing is ever truly broken. It takes courage. 

What is Kintsugi?

What is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi means “golden joinery” in Japanese and is a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery with seams of gold. This repair work is done using a lacquer or resin that is sprinkled with powered gold.  Kintsugi living is about embracing our healing and finding the gold in our scars so that we can use that gold in aid of our own healing and the healing of the world around us.

The Kintsugi philosophy is about being non-judgemental, accepting, and compassionate towards ourselves and others. Kintsugi can teach us how to value the journey of life, how to carry our brokenness well, and how to see the beauty in our cracks and those of others. 

This course will help you creatively explore restorative themes that hold your story. Through the practice of Kintsugi, we can investigate what it means to live with what has happened to us, create change and and support a meaningful recovery journey.


Kintsugi Training Overview

  • The Kintsugi course is based on the principles of the SLaM Recovery College, co-production and experiential learning. On the course, you will be supported by a fully trained team consisting of a Kintsugi host, a staff member and a peer trainer. 
  • The full course lasts for 6 sessions, which takes place on the same day and time each week. Each session lasts for 90 minutes. The course is run in a group setting with the maximum of 5 attendees.  
  • The course is designed for the group to actively engage, reflect and have discussions in an open, safe and environment.  


What I got out of Kintsugi by delivering and going through the process is putting the pieces that have affected you facing it and talking about it and seeking help and ownership of your journey to find balance and inner peace. Kintsugi is an art that helps to feel your deepest fear, problems and situation in your journey and be in touch emotionally and face them to work on them and find inner peace and or support.

Kintsugi Host Training Programme

Learn how to host a Kintsugi programme for others


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Kintsugi philosophy and how it applies to mental health recovery, self-stigma, repairing harm, restorative values & practices. 
  • Understand the Kintsugi process and how to facilitate it
  • Experience making, decorating, breaking and repairing your Kintsugi piece 
  • Understand the course narrative and how to host and support learners with their journey


  • Workshops: Two full-day workshops over two weeks (one workhop per week)
  • Cohort size: 8 maximum.

Kintsugi Teaching Programme

Take part in a Kintsugi programme for your own development and wellbeing


Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the Kintsugi philosophy to their own experience and recovery process.
  • Reflect on how their life experiences have impacted them.
  • Reflect on how their actions have impacted on the lives of others.
  • Increase learners well-being and increase their capacity in compassion for self and others. 



  • Workshops: One ninety-minute workshops every week for six weeks (six workshops).
  • Cohort: 8 maximum.